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Friday, 29 July 2016

Association students can join in school

There various formal association student can join in school so as to belong to a part or section in an Institution. Student needs to join one or more association so as to get recognition and get enlighten on various aspect of the society. We don't learn to read and write only we also learn to interact and hold strategic position in the society all this can be learn through various association we join.

Association varies in size and exposure, there are some associations that are unique and highly recognize in the society where learning evolves.

We join association to belong to a group in school, we join association in other to gain power and influence, we do not want to be alone, and we also need to be involved in various activities so that we can be able to take various leadership position and mantle of power when we graduate from school. Association helps us to gain more knowledge through various programs they operate, various association are also form to cater for student needs through providing various incentives for their member.

Association member are also classified with their various position so that the management of the group can make adequate measurement in regulating the activities of the association. We have association leader who recruit and select new members by creating awareness about the association, they also provide the rules and regulation guiding the affairs of the organization.

There are numerous Association students can join in schools which includes:

1.Indigenous Association; This is an association that is formed by group of people who belong to a state, they have some background in common. They are well structured and have various programs that can help student in relating with their cultural heritage, they provide accurate information for their members that share the same characteristic in common. They also provide incentives to their member from bursary they collect from the government of their state or local government. There are various indigenous associations one can join in school such as Federation of Ibadan student union, Federation of Ekiti student union etc.

2.Sport Club; Student who has passion for various type of sport can join any sport department such as football, basketball, table tennis and more. Since student will be competing against student from other schools, the school will find it better to select well trained sport member to participate in various sport activities outline by the school.

3.Editorial crew: This is the group who are responsible for providing accurate information to their department members and to the schools at large. They also share news to the public and write various articles to enhance students learning through reading.

4.Press council: This is the news department student can join in school. Any student who has passion for finding and disseminating information to the public, who practice journalism, can join this group because they are listener and the voice of an institution. They work hand in hand with the various department editorial crew and they has there publication in form of magazines.

5.Christian or Muslim fellowship; This association is responsible for sharing their beliefs among their members, they pray and fellowship with one another. They also provide faith messages to their members who are going through hard times in schools. They also use prayer to intercede to God on behalf of their members so that they can conquer spiritual attack.

6.Readers Club: we do not only read courses we study in schools we can also read various books, novels and literature that will help us to be conversant with our academic. Readers club help their members by telling them how to read, steps to take and ways to pass examination with ease. Readers club are group of people who comes together with the aim of sharing together from experience how be a good reader so as to prepare for examination and future programs.

There are numerous associations or groups available in schools for student to join, it is also the right and responsibility of every student to accept or reject any invitation from this association. Association do no compel their members to join, members join on their free will. If a student sees that the association he or she join did not please them they can decides to leave the association since joining them is not by force. In joining one or more association student should look for association that can provide a good initiative and not an association which destroy a student image.

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