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Friday, 29 July 2016

Corruption in Nigeria Education sector

The literacy of an average Nigerian is to be called for. The poor and substandard education in the country should be put to check right from our nursery, primary, secondary to the higher institutions so also the imposition of education and English language as Nigeria official language makes us to depend on our colonial masters for more knowledge by learning from them. Neocolonialism is still vivid in our country through education, economic and even our lifestyle is no longer ours.

Normally, what do we call education?  Education is the art of bestowing or imparting knowledge, skills, fact, ideas on someone either formally or informal. Today in Nigeria, reverse is the case where we have a lot of misconception and fallacy in our education system. When the government of a country is corrupt, what do we expect from the followers and citizen of the country? We have some lectures, teachers and professors that are not qualified to impart knowledge to the student neither did they have quality education.

The situation of Nigeria education is getting worse everyday, student becomes the product of their teachers or lecturers. Nigerian schools are not helping education situation, both the private school and the public schools are not helping the matter. The main reason why schools are created is not for profit making but it has been the other of the day for schools to make huge profit from their student and are not consign about inculcating adequate knowledge to their students. The founder of a school often employ unqualified teachers, lack of serene environment for learning, irrelevant textbooks, lack of good facilities, over population and lack of enough classrooms for learning.

The parents also are not helping the situation, they look for a quantity or less in value schools rather than quality schools for their ward and they are not concern with quality education. Let takes a look at our secondary schools for example, the junior secondary school, west Africa examination council (Waec) it is a pity that at this level parent still bribe teachers to help their wards in passing the examination.

What of the internal examination? When a child is not good in a subject the teachers are meant to teach the child very well and inform the parent about it but instead the teacher will collect money from the wards parent and pass the ward excellently in the examination. It is also not the fault of the teachers because they need to safeguard their work or for the phobia of losing their job if there student fails.

What is the essence of senior school living certificate which includes the West African Examination Council and National Examination Council which is full of plagiarism. Should we discuss about the schools authority bribing the supervisors or the external invigilators, students bribing the teachers, parent bribing the teachers on behalf of their ward or the teachers writing the answer to the question for the students, all this because of success.

The tertiary or higher institutions of learning are so worst that some lecturers demand for money so that they can help some students in having a good grade. What actually makes it worse is also the educational background (primary and secondary) of students which is meant to be a solid foundation has been destroyed through corruption, so what do we expect in higher institution.

It is the right of the parents, teachers, lecturers and government to ensure that all corruption practices are suppressed in the Nigeria education sector so that the country will be able to provide highly intellectuals students in the society and ensure National development.

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