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Monday, 18 July 2016

Decay in Education sector; who is to blame?

This is a question that has been demanding answer to for a long period of time in which the education system has suffered a major setback. It has been a problem we are facing in the society when schools or an institution provides half-baked graduate. Half-baked in the sense that they are not qualify to handle a particular position they are only qualified by their certificate. The education system is one of the major parts that contribute to national development and when the education system is been neglected or given a little attention, then the country will not develop.

The various problems or challenges facing the education system are based on all major stake holders such as the teachers or lecturers, students, parent and government. The teachers of schools or lecturer of academic institution could cause a break down in the education sector. Some lecturers comes to class and start reading only from textbooks without explaining properly what is been taught, how will student be able to cope with such situations when the lecturers or teachers are not given any example to relate with or discussing with them various  sub topics under a topic.

Some lecturers do not make research in the sense that they only know about a particular the course they use to lecture and won’t make any attempt to gain more knowledge. Lecturers of institutions should go for more professional courses, advance learning so as to get there knowledge updated and teach meaningful related topics to their students. Lecturers in some institution has classified them self as semi gods and telling the student that they cannot pass excellently in a particular course of study, this will poison the mind of student since they cannot make A’s they will only focus on getting below the score bench mark and it will kill their morale.

Students also contribute negatively to the education system, student of institution of learning prefers going through the easy way to pass examination. Some student focus their attention on reading or cramming only to pass an examination and this likely cause the students to forget what has been learn in schools after their graduation. Learning is not only to pass examination, it is to brew student for future in their respective chosen career. 

Some students also do not take schools as important because they do not see the positive effect it will contributes to their life, they go to school because they were told that after school there will be a job waiting for them which is no more relevant in the society we live in.  We have many population of students going to schools without having foresight of education, we all want to pass through schools so that people will know we went to schools, have students even considered what they have learn since there primary schools days. Education is not for fun it is a way to earn a living and contribute our quotas to society development.

Parent also contribute negatively to education, some parent will only prefer there son or daughters to become doctors, lawyers, accountant, an engineer. They choose profession for them without considering where the best they can fit in, Student who intends to become a lawyer and was forced by parent to study medicine this will cause a negative effect for the student since he or she do not have passion for the course. They also neglect that they are responsible for financing a child education, sending a child to school without food allowance, irregular payment of school fees, and not buying necessary learning materials for child. The child will not concentrate on his education since an adage says ‘’a hungry man is an angry man’’.

Government also contributes negatively to education in the sense that they do not allocate proper amount to education sector when they are planning for budget. Government does not pay workers salary and this leads to industrial action by academic staff of an institution. Governments are no longer focus on constructing schools neither did they rebuild the damage ones all they want are to get money from students and they give them nothing in return. Government that supposed to give out scholarship to best student of an institution or provides cash or pay in kind so as to motivate intending student to focus more on their studies but now it seems the government has neglect it roles.

The decay in the education sector is caused by everyone of us, so we must all join hand to re-mode, restructure, to refine and redefine the education structure so that we can have a better society to live in.

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