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Monday, 18 July 2016

Education; key to National development

Through education we can make a separate identity, it is most important in life like our basic need such as food, cloth and shelter. When a parent enrolls there child in school not only did the child learn alphabets and numbers but the child also learns how to greet teachers, parents and school visitors. Education is one of the important factors which formulate ones character or ability. It is also a productive and beneficial factor in a person’s life. 

It is the right of every individual to go through various modes of learning and training so as to be educated. Education is not only about training the mind, it also helps in mending affairs between people of the society and making strategic decision by knowledgeable people who have been trained in various aspect of life through education.

It should help us discover lasting values, through the various system of education that individual has passed through. Learning of the various subjects, courses offered in schools help us to be a better person in life. Education shows us the part or ways to act, relate and interact with families, friends, peer group and society at large. Education improves our understanding right from the beginning we learn alphabet and numbers, how to use alphabets to form words, how to use words to form sentence and how sentence is use to form speech and statement which is use for our day to day activities.

Education is one of the key or tools to National development, education contribute to research making by knowing the latest technology to invent and the method to use in implementing them. Technology invention entails learning of combining or assembling various spare parts for forming a whole or harmonious items. Without proper learning we won’t have engineers who develop various modes of transportation which includes constructions of roads networks, building of ships, aircraft, vehicles, train and transportation equipment which ease our olden day’s transportation mode of making use of camel, horse and others for our transport.

Education helps the country in finance, through education experts can forecast stock exchange rate, Forex, gross domestic ratio so that the country will develop and people will enjoy the benefit of government. Financing involves knowing when the country needs money and how to source for the funds either locally or internationally. Country can finance it economy by borrowing from financial institution, private or public organization generating excessive profit, they can also source for funds by borrowing at international level by borrowing from word bank, International monetary organization and others.

Education gives us insight on producing scholars, academician and intellectual people from various spheres of work of life. These scholars helps in making wise decision by foreseeing what may happen or what will likely to happen in future, through census we can know the actual amount of people in a country and how the government will provides for their basic needs. Scholars can help the government in contributing there knowledge obtain by various  stages of learning they have pass through to make appropriate opinion and give advice on way forward to ensure forward movement of the country.

Politically, education has help a lot in the sense that in the time of election various professor will be call to preside over election of each states in the country to ensure that accurate statistics is provided so that there will be free and fair election. Education is one of the basis for holding a political status in a country, there is a level of certificate which a political office holder must have before they aspire for a post and without education a person will be denied a right to go for is political aspiration. 

In all said so far we can agree that education is vital to a country development and it is the key to access all spheres of life. Education is the bedrock of a nation, without education the world would surfer a major setback.

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