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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Entrepreneurship: A skill acquisition for all students

Entrepreneurship refers to undertaking a business activity. Student need to know that there are different forms of Enterprises which they may have interest in undertaking. Enterprises includes Private and public enterprise, profit and nonprofit making enterprise, local and foreign enterprise, manufacturing and service enterprise, formal or informal enterprise.

Nowadays student of institutions of learning don't want to create opportunities but rather utilize the available opportunities. They prefer working for people rather than working for themselves. There are various skill student can learn from schools before they graduate. Student can learn barbing, hairdressing, cosmetology, Making of soaps, garment making, web design, and lots more. In Nigeria the federal government has implement a policy that all higher institutions students must take entrepreneurship development as one of their course so as to reduce unemployment in the society. There is various importance of entrepreneurship which includes;

1.Personal satisfaction; The reward for working for oneself is to be able to enjoy the job one is doing, personal satisfaction means doing what you want with your life. In working for oneself you will be motivate to work since you are the owner of your business and you do not depend on anyone. For example, if you like photography you can start your own studio and make money. If u also like writing and sharing your knowledge u can write books for people and this will generate income for you.

2.Self-reliance. Entrepreneurship helps us not to depend on anyone or an organization for money. It gives us self-control, self-actualization, self-worth, self-motivation. Having control over ones business through initiation of skills, ideas, knowledge that is merge together to form a trade, business or an organization that brings return on investment.

3.Income; As a student you can start generating income from various occupations, you have learned in school. You will be the one to get your profit and not sharing your profit with anybody since you are the owner of your business. You will also be the one to determine how to increase your profit or leave it the way it is, may be you are getting a low profit from goods you are selling or service you render, you will need to think of different methods of improving your products. You can improve your products or business through various advertising platforms available, this will helps you to create awareness for your product and in return you will get excessive income.

4.Job security; A student who has a viable skills and passion for work can easily get a long lasting job by creating opportunities for him or herself as the case maybe. An entrepreneur do not depend on people rather people depend on them for living, you do not need to carry your certificate around checking and waiting for available vacancy in an organization rather you have what it takes to even employ people since you have assurance on the job you have created.

5.Status; As an entrepreneur you are now different from your peers since you are creative and you source for income for yourself without depending on your parent or your elders. The pride of ownership of business is in you and people will now relent on you for key societal functions you can offer them.

6.Decision making; Entrepreneurs do not wait for before they decide on what to do. Decision making is the acts of generating alternatives around perceive opportunities. An entrepreneur will make decision on how the stages of product production will, how service will be render, how workers will be motivated to works, how products or services will be advertise, how cost will be minimize and how profit will be maximize. An entrepreneur has d power and authority to make decision as he or she deem fit.

7.Creativity; An entrepreneur create opportunities in the sense that they create or invent a new programs, technology or an organization that is quite different from what has been on ground before. They have the ability to think fast on what people are lacking and use their ability, capability, knowledge, initiatives to create tangible business that will sort people's problem and in return they will get income. Student needs to find there uniqueness so as to be able to create things rather than depending on blue collar jobs or white collar jobs. Have you ever thought of doing things someone has never done if yes, what steps have you take to make your dream come through? We have people who have been creative such as Bill gate founder of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg co-owner of Facebook and various founders and authors. All human being are unique and no one should be look down on, since we are all created by God. As a student have you ever taught of how to be independent rather than depending on your parent?

It is not too late, you can create or invent with your own ideas, and the world can still look up to you. Be optimistic about the future rather than pessimist, you can do it, don't wait to finish school before you held on to a business. You can also employ people rather than looking for jobs which is not available.

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