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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Falling standard of education

Education is the process of acquiring more knowledge through learning. It involves learning from the basis and making use of what has been learn in schools in the work place and the society. The falling standard or rate of education can be attributed to many factors such as;

1. Infrastructural Facilities: In learning there are various equipment that aids learning such as a good board, computers, public address system, fans and light. With a good Infrastructure the student will be able to learn and adapt with their environment, it has been observed that most schools do not have good social Infrastructure which can facilitate learning.

2. Corruption: The stealing of schools fund into private pocket or account has affected the standard of education in the country. Money that are meant to build more schools, construct classrooms, pay teachers’ salaries, pay for student scholarship which was budget by the government has been siphoned into private pocket and it is either they start a project and they were unable to complete it or they don't implement the project at all.

3. Protest: The high rate at which school buildings and equipment is been destroy through riot or protest is so alarming. Student that supposed to demonstrate what pains them through a peaceful protest or a good channel took laws into their hand and start destroying properties. Many schools now protest violently because they taught it is the best option. since they are not comfortable with their present situation which may include lack of water, increase in school fees, low electricity distribution and more all this could affect learning but it is so uncalled for student who are to be the leaders of tomorrow to go about destroying government properties.

4. Teachers or Lecturers: Most teachers of various schools or lecturers of institutions are not capable in teaching student. Some teachers will only rely on what they have learn in schools without updating there knowledge this could cause the student to be conversant with only old ways of learning and not knowing modern education method this affect learning in schools. Some lecturers also do not teach there students, they give them topic and ask them to consult various textbooks or online platforms to learn from this is a bad way of learning since the student was not giving a basis to learn.

5. Environment; The environment is one of the factors that helps in facilitating learning, a good school must have a serene environment to attract and motivate students. A school environment that is clean, neat and beautiful design with flowers, trees and a well-constructed classroom should be considered by various schools administrators so that student can be happy with learning.

6. Medical center: School must have a good medical center with professional doctors and nurses. This will help student in going to see the doctors whenever they are sick. But most academic institution lacks medicals Facilities this can cause harm to the student or staff of an institutions. Medical Facilities is very important so that student and lecturers will have a rest of mind that they will be treated properly whenever they are sick or feel dizzy.

7. Students; The negligence of student towards learning constitute to fall in the education sector. Most students will not be in class to learn, they prefer to stay at home to watch films, play video games and waste their time chatting on social media. Student must have it in mind that the purpose of education is to help them in securing their future and it is there responsibility to learn and understand what they were taught in class. Some student are not motivated to read because their lecturers give them low marks after studying hard for an examination. All this reduce attitude of students towards learning and decrease the value of education.

8. Substandard schools: There are many schools that are not approved by the government and they start there schools with fake or no government approve certificate. Schools are so many that government doesn’t even have statistics of how many schools that are registered. Some schools do not have facilities of learning and they start there schools with unqualified teachers who do not teach student very well, this has keeps the education sector into a recession form or being stagnant.

In all discussed so far students, parent, lecturers, government, staff of schools should make sure they utilize there position very well in ensuring better standard in the education sector.

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