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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How to prepare for examination

Examination is a test of what we have learn since the beginning of a term or semester, we need to prove to the lecturers that we have read and understand what one has been taught so far. Examination should not instill fear into the life of students if only you can focus on some key factors, which are;

1.Be familiar with your learning materials; If a student needs to write an exam and does not even know anything about the book that is used for a particular course, it shows the level of UN-seriousness in the student. Reading is a gradual process that takes time, which must be given adequate consideration to while learning, student must know what book content is all about, various topic and sub topic in the book. This will give the student insight about what the book entails.

2.Start reading now; As reading is a way of learning, student must not wait for examination time table to be out before they start reading. Reading must start immediately when student resumes into school for a new semester so that he or she will have a clear picture of the content of the book. 

3.Research; Research entails getting more and adequate knowledge. Do not relent only on what your lecturer taught you while in class instead you can go to the library to consult books by various authors or make use of various media platforms to get adequate knowledge about the course you are studying.

4.Make use of past questions; you need to get hold of past question of examination done by your predecessor in your departments. Treat it accordingly and no how the question was asked, how many question you will be faced with during the examination and learn more by reading.

5.Consult people; Nobody is an highland of knowledge, get to know does students who are better in class, who understands immediately when lecturer taught them in class, who has more knowledge about the course been taught so that they can instruct you on how to solve a particular problem you are having about the course of study. 

6.Relate with your lecturer; Getting to know more about your lecturer teaching you will help you have a clear understanding of the course you are offering in school, since you will be able to ask the lecturer some question about where you have been encountering difficulties on the lecturer course.

7.Engage in group work; Select some few members of your class and create a group where you can relate with each other, ask questions about the course you are doing, practice with them, study together and share knowledge together. You can chose group based on individual capabilities, a group member can know more about a particular course and teach the rest of the group member, this will prepare the student ahead for the upcoming examination. 

8. Study in the library; It has been observe that it is only when exam is drawing close that student goes to the library to study and this behavior is very rampant nowadays. To prepare for examination go to the school library often to read books since it is a quiet place where you can read and assimilate. You can also make use of different textbooks and various materials that is related to your course by learning from it. 

9.Have confidence; Build your confidence and do not let exam fever take hold of you, you can do it, never say you can’t since impossible does not exist.

10.Pray; to round it up pray before, during and after your examination so that you can pass excellently.

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