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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Impact of ICT on Education sector

Information Communication technology has now been the forefront of education sector. It entails the usage of various media to teach student by lecturers of an institution through making use of gadget, media platforms and machines. Information is a collection of raw data which has been fully processed, communication is the transmission of information and technology is the usage of knowledge to form, to create a new product through an author idea.

Information communication technology has helps the students, lecturers, and schools administrator in making sure that all hands are on deck. A school who lacks information data base will find it difficult to strive in this modern age, information could be pass across on radio, television, newspapers, magazine, and on school website so that the public and student will be entitled to access right information when needed.

Information communication technology has help in facilitating learning through the available gadget like public address system that could be use in lecturing student in class so that that the student will listen attentively. Student can also make use of various online platforms to search for information about their course of study or to get information on the assignment that is given to them in class.

Before the advent of information communication technology lecturers has find it difficult imparting knowledge because of stress involve since there is no technology to help them in performing there task, but now they can make use of various technology in teaching their respective student.

Student can also benefit a lot from information communication technology in the sense that they do not need to queue in banks before they can pay their school because it can be done at various cafe through online payment which is supported by banks, this helps a lot since it is quick, faster and more reliable.

School administrators also get to know how many students have been able to make payment their payment and to ascertain who has not pay. They can know this by checking the payment portal and statement of account from the banks they are using. Salaries of academic and non-academic staff can also be paid online since they have all their staff Data. It is efficient ways of making payment since it does not have to do with paying their staff by cash.

Security: With information communication technology the payment of fees by student, payment of Salaries by schools through online portal is secured from theft. Schools do not need to be afraid of armed robbers coming to them to demand for money since there money is safe in their bank.

Information communication technology has help in securing ownership right since people do not have any priority infringing other people right and violating this could result to the person charged to court and remanded in prison. With the use of copyright law authors are safe from people stealing their intellectual properties because it is guided by laws. With the usage institutions will conduct registration for fresh students online by collecting relevant data needed so as to know more about there applicant. Institutions of learning need to know the name, age, marital status of applicant so as to know who to give admission.

Institutions can make use of Information communication technology by conducting online exams or computer base test for new applicant. New applicant seeking admission into an institution must be conversant with computers because they will make use of computer while writing post unified tertiary matriculation Examination.

Institutions also make use of there electronic library in helping student, since various books or material will be available on schools electronic library. Student can access the school’s library at the comfort of their hall of residence to read books without even visiting the library. Schools also make use of information communication technology in setting there examinations by making use of computers in typing examination question and also using computers in marking the exam which is faster and more reliable.

Information communication technology has help in the following ways, it helps in effective learning, sharing and imparting knowledge, providing information data base, protecting intellectual properties and more. Communication can take place anywhere, anytime with the usage of technologies available, technology helps in proffering solutions to our problems.

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