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Friday, 29 July 2016

Infrastructural Facilities development in institutions of learning

Provision of infrastructural facilities in institution of learning should be one of the foresight of government and all schools administrators in ensuring quality education to the students. If schools facilities are not quality enough or are in bad shapes, it will leads to student or people portraying the school as a substandard school and parent will not want their ward to attend such school.

Problems student face in an institution

Lack of accommodation for student; Schools always admit student that are beyond their capacity and they are less concern for their welfare and shelter. Some student squat with their friends while some rent a room outside school. 

Let’s consider State and Federal Universities in Nigeria. Even though with the increase in school fee and other necessary payment, school still lack development. A lot of student can’t even live in the school Hostel due to different reasons. The School Hostel is not properly manage, unhygienic environment, dirty bathroom and toilets, hereby causing havoc and endangering students life. Lack of clean water and electricity failure, how can student read at their own leisure time without light? The management has refused to manage the available Hostel not ready to build another Hostel.

Dilapidated lecture theater: The lecture rooms are always overcrowded not conducive for learning. Some student even stand during lecture when the limited space has been occupied, how will Student assimilate what the teacher or lecturer is teaching? Some schools building which was built in the olden days are still been used as lectures hall without rehabilitating them to suit modern ways of building which will facilitate learning.

Lecturers extorting money from student: some lecturers are fond of reading from textbook without explaining, not audible enough and some collect money from Student in other to help them to pass their courses. Private University are not better at all, they pay thousands and millions of money in order to acquire a better education. Their is see no difference among the State, Federal and Private Universities; they are all birds of the same feather, all they are after is money.

Competent and qualified staff: It is the responsibility of an institution to provide quality staff who are capable of doing their job but now we do not know who are qualified for a job, since getting a job is characterized with politics and no much screening is done for some staff since they have god fathers.

Solution to the problem face by student in an institution

Education can be remodel. The following points should be considered in order to give a better and acceptable education to student:

School should not admit beyond their capacity; it has been the order of the day for schools to be admitting more than their capacity, so there must be a stop to this act by the leaders of an institution. Schools should direct all admission offices on minimum and maximum number of student to give admission.

Provision of spacious and standard classrooms or lecture theater: Schools should build more lecture theater, quality classrooms, rebuild the old classrooms and embark on capital projects this will make life comfortable for student and they will be able to learn under a good environment.

Reduction or affordable school fees: Payment of school fees should not be do or die affairs for the students, the school administrators should seek for a ways in reducing schools fees rather than hiking the student fees.

Quality infrastructural facilities: There should be quality facilities to encourage student to learn such as Serene and conducive environment, Fully-stocked modern Library, Computer  Laboratories with high technology facilities, Well-equipped  Science Laboratories, Stable electricity and clean water.

If the above list is duly followed there we will have a better educational sector and student will be eager to learn. Although the Government are putting their best in Education but their best is not enough.It is the responsibility of all education stake holders to provide quality infrastructural facilities in an institutions of learning.

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