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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Private versus Public schools

It the choice of the parent to choose the right school for their wards, either to choose for the student to learn at a public school or at a private school. Public schools are owned, manage and financed by the government, which include the federal, state or local government. While private school is owned and financed by group or an individual.

Pros and Cons of public school

Public schools are finance with tax payers money, the government pays the teacher’s salary, pays for the school building construction, classroom construction, purchasing of textbooks and writing materials to the student. Government monitors and supervises the work of the staff of the school, in doing this the government will be able to know the performance of teachers and their leaders.

Public schools management is selected by government, in the federal institution the vice Chancellor of a University is selected by the federal government under the supervision of the president, so also the rector of state Polytechnic is selected by the state government under the supervision of the governor of the state. The governing council and the senate of an institution are the management team working towards the progress of public institution. All laws, rules and regulation made by the school are legitimate since it is back up by the government of a country, the law must be strictly adhere to so that the student of the school will not forfeit his or her admission in the institution.

Payment of salary: The payment of teachers or lecturers salary is paid by government, since they are responsible for recruitment of the workers of the institution. Payment of basic salaries and various incentives packages are dully paid by the government.

Low tuition fees; since the school is owned by the government and they should not be after profit rather than providing services to the society so the payment of school fees is very low. In public schools a parent that sends their wards to such institution will have assurance on paying the fees since it is highly affordable.

Scholarship: One of the importance of sending a child to public schools is that the child will have the opportunity for his or her education to be sponsored by the government if the student performs excellently, they can be given advantages in which the government will pay their fees and other miscellaneous.

After knowing the advantages of public school or institution there are also some disadvantages to it which includes;

1. Perceive low payment of salary: Salaries paid to government workers in an Institution is very low compared to what there counterpart of private institution pays.

2. Political Appointee; The appointment of head of schools is done only by the government in power. The government in power can employ or terminate any contract of staff of public institution as they deem fit.

3. Competitive Entry: Admission into public institutions is highly competitive since there are so many candidates seeking admission into their schools of choice and there is limited space.

Private institution 

Private institution is financed and owned by an individual or group of people that partners together to form a school. 

Profit making: The major importance of owing a private institution is for owner to make profit. Without profit the owner will not be able to manage the school in terms of paying workers salary, providing quality facilities and more. 

Management: The act of controlling, directing, planning in private school is done by the owner or major stake holder. If a private school is owned through partnership, then the management team of the school will comprise of all the partners involve. 

High cost of tuition fees; The cost of school fees of private school is costly due to the fact that there are few students in the school and they need to equate there expenses with their income in other to make profit. The cost of tuition fees is expensive in private schools. 

Conducive Environment; Unlike some public schools environment, The private school environment are conducive for learning, since the population of teachers and student are at optimum level rather than that of public school they are mostly over populated. 

Dependent; Private schools will sometimes depends on the government. They will depend on government in getting approval for their school operation, they will also need government protection in terms of security, they will also partners with the government so that there will be a peaceful environment for learning.

Based on all characteristic above it is the right of every parent to look inwardly or inversely in choosing an appropriate school for their children. It is also a child's right or privilege to select the best which suit them. 

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