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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Process of applying for direct entry into university

Student of polytechnic or colleges who wish to gain entrance into university by applying through direct entry. Student that needs to proceed there education can apply for university direct entry either to join them at 200level for national diploma or 300 levels for higher diploma. So also colleges of education candidate can also apply for direct entry into the university.

The following are the process of applying for direct entry into University:

Before a student is eligible to apply for direct entry into university of choice. He or she will need a transcript from the school he finished from. To get transcript he or she will face various process of clearing his result and pay some certain amount of money as it deem fit by the institution he or she finished from. After getting cleared for transcript they will register through jamb by collecting direct entry form in which the amount varies yearly.

The applicant may face problems in registering for direct entry on jamb website because of jamb regularization. Jamb regularization is the process of verifying the school that the applicant finished from. In getting regularized by jamb the applicant will go to the school he or she finished from to get jamb regularization form and pay certain amount to get his new jamb number which the applicant will use for jamb direct entry registration. After getting the new jamb number, the applicant will proceed to register online and complete his or her application by entering the new jamb.

In choosing University of choice applicant must be conscious of guidelines of various schools before applying and failure to meet this guidelines means ones admission with not be considered.

Different schools have different guidelines which will be stated on their website when there direct entry form is out. Universities may decide to conduct post direct entry examination for their student others may not. Examples of some schools that conduct post d. e exam are Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ibadan, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, University of Ilorin and University of Lagos.

Applicant must also take note that some schools do not offer some courses. Obafemi Awolowo University do not offer business administration as a course so applicant who graduate with business administration from polytechnic or colleges will only have a choice of selecting relevant course from their field of study which is offered by Obafemi Awolowo University. And also many universities especially federal universities will not accept applicant with lower credit, the minimum grade they accept is upper credit and distinction.

In determining whether direct entry applicant is qualified for admission it only depends on the principles of various schools in screening there direct entry applicant. Many Universities has limited space available for direct entry candidate. The most important aspect to be considered is to have ones transcript ready and forward to the University you are applying to before the deadline for transcript submission.

In applying for direct entry to University whether as a polytechnic or college of education candidates. Be advice that you also have a lot of competition between all applicants that will be applying for the same levels, department or faculty. You may be the best in your school but have you also see the results of other candidates, there cumulative grade point average may be better than yours or vice versa. Consider doing the following when you have been able to complete your registration:

1.Try to be familiar with a student from the department you want to gain entrance into so that the person can give you accurate information when the University release there direct entry admission list.

2.Have confidence. Yes you have applied; you must believe that you will be among the lucky ones. Keep your faith high and do not be depressed.

3.Pray. After all has been said and done you need prayer to intercede on your behalf. Prayer is the key to every situation.

4.Check school website for update:  Now that you are through with all your registration, you need to check the school you are applying into often so that when the list has been posted on there website you will be informed immediately. Check your admission status to check if you have been selected. When the list has been compiled and has reach the final stage, the next thing that will be done by the University is to publish the name of qualified applicant on there website to give access to candidates in knowing there faith.

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