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Friday, 29 July 2016

Public speaking: An act all students in an Institution must learn

Speaking in public is an attribute of someone personality trait, it takes someone with confidence to speak publicly. Public speaking should be one of the characteristic of a student, in learning speech should be criteria for schools so as to encourage student in getting confidence to speak or give speech at any events. Student should learn public speaking right from primary schools so that they will be confident enough to speak anywhere about the topic they are conversant with.

Debate is one of the key factors that helps student in building their knowledge, ability, ideas and have the ability to speak to the crowd. A debate involves two or more people coming together to share from their own perspective either to oppose or support a motion, there are various protocols which must be observe while rendering a debate by the speaker. Protocols officials include panel of judges, time keeper, co debater, men and women of the press and many more. It gives an acknowledgement of the presence of highly respected people.

A speaker must learn how to use various decisive actions while debating, speaker must be able to use a good vocal tone, body expressions to capture the mind of the listener and the judges in other to be given more mark or credit that befit the speaker. Debate should be encourage in school so that it will prepare the students for future purposes such as the ability to talk to people,  the ability to face a crowd, to lecture, to gather people for seminars.

A student in tertiary institution must know very well that he or she must speak either in class, in denomination he or she belongs to, at home and at strategic places, this will help the student to be confident and bold in speaking in public. Student should not be hot nor too cold while speaking, they need to be proactive rather than being reactive. A student in tertiary institution will learn to speak when he or she want to defend final year project. After project research has been done and all studies put into books it is now time to defend all what has been written down as a project so as to assure the supervisor, the department and the institution that he or she knows the content of the project.

A project can be defend by students to one man panel of judges or to more than one judges, which will involves various lectures from the department of the speaker who is to defend the project. In defending the project student voice must be audible and not shallow, must express freely with non-verbal mode of communication all this will show how good the speaker is in communicating orally. If a student voice is trembling, hand is shaking or cannot look into the panel of judges’ eyes while speaking it will show that the speaker lacks confidence and ability to speak in public and capture a listener mind this will make the student to get low mark in project defense.

Another way public speaking should be encouraged is through interview. In the Polytechnic of Ibadan an applicant is considered for admission into Higher National diploma having satisfied various requirements the applicant will pass through an interview stage in the admission process. In the interview stage the applicant must have the ability to tackle various questions that will be demanding answers to by the lecturers of the department they are seeking admission into. In doing this the lecturers will be able interact with their intending students and know who they were, knowing there ability in the process of interviewing them. This will also makes the student to prepare for various challenges in speaking and relating with their fellow students.

Student must also be able to speak in the public gathering because they may be representing their class, department, faculty or their institution in any debate in the future. They may be chosen based on their mental capacity, so a student must be able to comprehend in speaking or delivering speech. Most student prefers to come to school to learn and will not participate in any debate because they are afraid or because they are introvert.

In speaking to people the language must not be ambiguous, it should be simple and clear, making use of audible voice, perfect physical expressions and a good gesture. All this will help the student in becoming the best and it will also help student who will be seeking job after their graduation to perform well in their job interview.

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