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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Sport: A way of boosting student knowledge

Sport is the activity that is use to stimulate ones physical and mental processes. Student should have sportsmanship ability so that their knowledge will not be limitless. Apart from making use of sport as earning upkeep, it is also an exercise that helps the student to train their physical body so as to improve their mental alertness.

School administrators can introduce various sport programs and sporting facilities since we don't go to school for learning how to read only, we also learn about life itself. Sport helps us to maintain our physical posture through rigorous exercise and training. Student of institutions of learning can decides whether to participate or not participate in any sport programs. They can also choose their favorite sport in which they have passion for or determine to learn from.

Technically, in schools there are various sporting clique that can enhance student mental knowledge which includes;

1.Football: The ability to organize football competition by schools helps the student to showcase their talent. Since playing football take lot of determination, optimism and ability. In employing all this to work,  a student can relate football activities to class activities in the sense that if a team lose a game in football match it will reduce their morale but if they win it increase their morale so also if a student fails in a course he or she will lose focus in learning. Football also brings student of various level, faculties together to compete for a cup and the winner of the competition is overwhelm and respected. Talent will also be discovered in the sport competition in which some student will gain more recognition from their fellow team mate and school mate.

2.Scrabble: This game helps student a lot ensuring that there brain are at alert in using various alphabets to form word. In forming various words which can be check in the dictionary if the word is correct or not, this helps the student to learn varieties of words when playing scrabble games. Scrabble helps student in thinking deeply while playing so that they will be able to outsmart their competitors. It can also be relate to classroom work in which words learn in class can be make use of while playing scrabble and vice versa. Mathematics is also make use of in playing scrabble there are various word which will be calculated using points, this also help in solving and getting conversant with calculation methods.

3.Chess: The game of chess can also facilitate learning since it requires a lots of thinking before making a move while playing. There are various attribute relating to chess game which can be related to school activities. In classroom all student are competing for a good grade to stand out in class, so also the game of chess requires the player to use various tactics to win the game over the competitors. In chess game moving of queen, kings and knight shows how the player is conversant with playing the games.

4.Video Games: Playing of various video such as candy crush, score hero, asphalt, pro evolution soccer, winning eleven and various video games helps to boost mental capability. In playing video games the player will encounter various challenges and may be frustrated while playing those games, it is how the player utilize those frustration and turn into an excitement that makes the game unique and interesting. So also in school frustration will come while learning, it is the responsibility of student to overcome such problems and turn it into passion in other to promote learning and have a story to tell.

5.Athletics: The ability to run is also one of the sport activity student get involves in while learning in schools. Is a competition that is grade on selecting the best runner from a race. Athletics helps in building the mind and body with this the brain of the student will be more enlightened. Athletics can be organize by school administrators in other to showcase student talent in racing, students who can run better will be selected to compete against other athlete.

There are many sports student, schools administrators can get involves in so that all the effort of teaching will not be in futile. School can fix sport activities during a long semester so that student will be able to relax their brain. As d adage says "all works and know play makes jack a dull boy" education is not only about acquiring knowledge, it is also showcasing skills, ability and creativity of a student in various realms of sport.

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