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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Student attitude towards library usage

Library is a place where books are stored in various catalogue and kept according to basic field of study for people who want to read or make research with relevant materials available for them in the library. To be qualified to use the library a student must have a library identity card that will give him or her an access to the library.

In getting a library card student will have to go through different orientation programs of how to use the library, library ethics, rules and regulation of library and register their data with various forms that will be filled by library users. It has been observe that student of institutions of learning do not want to go through the orientation programs because of the stress attach to it, they prefer only to register and get their card and access the library at any time they want.

There are various rules a library user must follow in compliance with library usage. This includes:

1. Do not eat in the library: A library user must not eat in the library because it will give the ant a chance in coming into the library and feeds on library books. Eating in library could also make library books to get stain from crumbs of the food.

2. Do not drink in the library: Drinking of water, juice, wine is highly prohibited because any little drop of drink could cause damages to the books.

3. Do not make noise in the library: Library is supposed to be a cool and calm place, a very quiet place one can study from. A student must not engage in group discussion, meeting or shouting inside the library it will affect other library user.

4. Do not sleep in the library: As library is a comfort zone for reading, student must not turn it into their place of abode. No matter what a library user must not sleep or dose in the library.

5. Do not steal from library: As student are left with so many books in the library to read,  a reader must not have it in mind in stealing books or any materials from library, if the person is caught he or she will face the law.

There are many laws guiding the use of library usage which library user must adhere to, which includes the one explained above. Library is a place where student can go and study for exam.

Library Users

Lecturers also make use of the library to get more information and keeps there knowledge updated through reading of new and existing books and various relevant materials. Author can also make copies of their books available in the library so that people can read and give credit to them. Various, media outlet such as magazine industry, newsmedia  also deliver there published materials and articles on regular basis to the library this helps the library user in getting updated with adequate, timely and accurate information.

Students can go to the library to read current news from newspaper in the library this will increase their knowledge makes them to be versatile with the current situation of their country. Student who needs a quiet place to read can go into the library to read their books and consult other books relating to their fields of study.

Students ignoring library

In has been observe that 70 percent of students of an institution do not make use of the library because they only see library as a big building in an institution without having knowledge about what a library entails. Student do not visit library because they are not motivated to read, student will only visit the library except examination is drawing near and that is the only time when library will be filled up.

Student do not visit library also because they see library as a boring place and see reading as no fun and they are only compel to read because there examination is coming soon.  Student also do not make use of library because they are now versatile with getting information on various media platforms and they forget also the advantages of electronic library which is part and parcel of the library itself. An electronic library is the making use of computers by library user to access books of authors and search relevant materials needed online, it is faster, better and more secure way of learning.

In all discuss so far it has note that library is a place of learning in which every student must visit in other to develop their knowledge and prepare ahead for examination.

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