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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The effect of social media on Education sector

Social media is the tool used in publicity and sharing your view on various platforms. Social media platform includes YouTube. Facebook, mail, blogs. The advent of social media has positively and negatively affects education sector.

Positive ways social media affect Education sector

Schools can promote there Schools by advertising on social media so that people can know what there schools is all about through there missions and objectives. Schools can advertise there admission of students into their schools. Nowadays various schools have website in which they State all there missions, goals, objectives and there news to there students and public.

Social media also facilitate learning through which various schools utilize various online academic mode which includes student Checking there results online through school website, getting adequate and relevant information on their school platform, Reading various authors books online which is attach to schools website.

Research; Social media helps in getting more knowledge through getting information from various sources on many platforms of social media. A student who want to start a project will need to first source for a project topic, which can be obtain by searching various search engines available online. Student can also know more about a company, industries, firms and organization by checking their respective website, to get details for there project in which they may use it there case study.

Social media also help us to interact and exchange information between students of an institution. Student of the same level, department, and faculty can pass information across to each other by making use of social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook group or page, e-mail and many more. This will gives an adequate insight and information will be pass across with effectiveness and faster means of communications.

Communication of information is vital to academic development in the sense that when information is sent from a top management level to the lower management it may take longer time if proper channels is not utilize. There is pertinent information about an institution which can be disclosed on schools website and such information can be use in developing the schools.

Social media helps the education sector in alerting the public about admission into their schools, about the school history, about academic and non-academic staff of an institution, promoting there schools operation through advertisement this will ensure a deep insight for candidate seeking admission into their institution of choice. 

The negative effects of social media on Education sector are:

It leads to student being introvert: As student of institutions harness or makes use of various social media platforms, it makes them become self-centered. They only care to talk within themselves rather than talks to others, when a student feels little emotional about what is going on within education sphere, the student might not consult the school counselor for advice rather he or she will share the problem on social media platforms. This makes the work of counselor becoming irrelevant since students has choose the social media platforms to the state how they felt.

Privacy. The rate at which student publicize there emotion, feelings, and attitude on social media platforms nowadays is so alarming that they no longer have any secret.  If a lecturer of an institution mistakenly speaks bad grammar the next thing for the student is to publicize it and laugh about it. This will reduce the ego of such lecturer.

Copying from social media: When student are giving assignment to do they rely on making use of social media instead of going to their school library to consult books from various authors. Student now make use of the word "i see i copy and i paste" they browse the internet check for relevant information copy it and write it down, word for word without making use of their own knowledge and it is a rampant among many students. They never give credit to author all they do is infringe the law. What if you are face with the same question in the exam hall, will you be allowed to make use of your gadget to check the answer to the questions on social media.

Books getting irrelevant. With the advent of social media student no longer requires reading printed materials since they can find the materials to various textbooks or handout on social media. The author of books also considered creating platforms for student to come online and pay for service that will be delivered to them. It can be done through selling of eBooks to student. Student also prefer reading from there laptops, phones, i Pads and more, they neglect reading of books this has affect the education system in negative ways.

In all discuss so far, we have been able to distinguish between the positive and negative effect of social media on education sector. Well for every good thing in life there is always a negative effect or implication. Student, lecturers, school administrators, government must make use of social media in the best way so as to ensure efficiency in the education sector of the country.

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