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Sunday, 24 July 2016

The rising wave of violence in tertiary institutions

Violence is the process by which there is disruption of peace by people, it could be from illegal activities of evil ones who does not put into consideration the peaceful co-existence of a society they live in. Violence start from various places before it regenerated to big wave of problem which gives way for destroying private and public properties. The tax payer money that is used in constructing schools with the sweat of various people which takes a decade to build could be destroy in the blink of an eye to violence.

Violence has been so paramount in tertiary institutions, nowadays students do not engage in peaceful dialogue they only seek faster ways of going about in damaging buildings, destroying equipment and injuring or killing people to show their grievances. Violence occur when student are not comfortable with their present situation and are sometimes frustrated by various factors surrounding their situation.

In Nigeria violence has been the way student taught they will be able to seek agreement between them and the higher authority. The protest which occur in The polytechnic of Ibadan which led to students destroying some school properties affect the institution and also affect the student. It affects the student in the sense that those who are involves in the protest and those who were innocent about the protest was also told to pay for the damages fees, it also disrupt academic.

It affects the institutions because it is the institutions that will bear the loss. Also the violent protest which took place in University of Lagos in which the student protest against lack of infrastructural Facilities which course disruption of academic. Adekunle Ajasin University is also not left out in this violent act in which schools properties which worth millions of Naira was also destroyed and the school management shut down the school. The school was later re-opened and student was told to pay a huge amount of money for the act they committed.

All this violence act cause bad image for the nations, it leads to decay and serve as cake worm feeding on the education system. Violence also occur when their is school election in department level, faculty level and general level in an institution. The student union government election which is one of the most violent election in an institution. Violence can occur before an election, during or after an election. Election which is often characterized by various problems in which one party will not support other party candidates this leads to problem, instead of them to seek a way to conduct a free and fair election they will want to show their prowess by instilling fear into other party followers that wants to vote their candidate into power.

Election violence occurs mostly in schools during the student union election of each school even with the presence of security force from national security and civil defense, police and other paramilitary such as the man o war, cadet and others. Violence also occurs in tertiary institutions when students are to choose their leader and it cabinet members in national level through National Association of Nigeria students (Nans). The election is a very powerful election since most regions or school will have many candidate to contest for election and one candidate is more powerful than the other.

The national association of Nigeria students election is marred by high violence and this suppose not to be since this students are the leaders of tomorrow. All leaders must monitor the activities of their member so that their grievances will be settled peacefully and not settled through violence act. School management and the law enforcement agency must make sure that appropriate measures are put in place before, during and after any institutions elections.

Violence should not be encouraged in tertiary institutions of this country and any students caught in the act should face the wrath of law. Students should be morally up right before and after taking a position in schools through election. Election should not be characterized by violence, it should be free and fair election. Student are leaders of tomorrow, they should show more commitment towards their education rather than committing crime or destroying properties.

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