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Friday, 29 July 2016

Writing skills: An ability all student must posses

Writing is the ability to pen down ones thought, idea, and a topic an individual is relevant with can be coined into a statement. Writing takes place in various stages of education, a student learns to write alphabet and numerical in primary schools. The ability to write should be embedded part of every student because student will be prompt to write various articles, statement about what he or she has learn in schools.

Student also writes for examination and there are some examinations which require the student to discuss extensively on topics given to them and if a student lacks the ability to write it will affect the mark of the student in the course.

Writing skills helps the students to engage in various competitions in schools, it could be required of the schools to present a candidate to engage other schools candidate in a writing competition it could be done through writing an article which will be will be judge by the panel of judges. A student that lacks writing ability will not be choose in writing for the school.

In learning we learn not only to talk or interact with people through words only, we also make use of letters to communicate with one another. In writing letter a writer must know various rules that guides writing of letters, letter could be formal or informal. A formal letter is a letter that is expressed in a statement to person in position of authority also informal letter are expressed to friends and family.

Writing is also a mode by which student learns various act in getting knowledge, writing takes place when a student is been taught by lecturer in class and needs to write down what they were taught by taking note and making note. Note taking involves jotting down what one hear from the class and writing it down in a book for reference purposes. Note making is the process by which various notes are combined together in a book by student so as to read later for test or for examination.

Writing also is unique way of creating a statement in an appealing way, books are written in a manner to give a unique reference to students. A student must be able to write essay since it is a way of passing an English language course in an institution, a student who lacks writing abilities will have a problem in passing English language. Since writing is part of learning, a student must be able to discuss various topics of learning through writing.

There are some occasion student will be called upon to write an article, news or publication for there department. Some students are good in writing and they can pen down their thought and expressions through writing. Poems, poets are forms of writing that written down from ideas, thought and creativity of the writer to the audience in an appealing manner.

Writing of books should be encouraged by lecturers for their students since it will be part of their learning. Writing of project is also part or criteria of learning, after project has been research on it is the work of a student to write down into paper all the research carried out. Various stages of project involve the writer to go to the supervisor for approval and if a project is inconsistent it will not be approved.

A person who which to study in schools must be able to write, writing is a gradual and continuous process, it is not stagnant because it is part of education. An average person must be able to write a good articles on the course he or she is studying in higher institution since any form of question can be asked by prospective graduate student seeking job into an industry or a firm.

Nowadays it has been observe that before an individual is interview for a job, it is one of the requirement or lay down principles to write an essay or article on various topics, this will be use in screening applicant for job. If a job applicant lacks writing ability he may not be able to get a job also, in some companies it is demanded that the applicant write an essay of a numbers of words in an exam this will serve as a basis for selecting qualified applicant after there results has been compiled.

Writing should be encouraged in institutions so that students can prepare for future challenges and be conversant in obtaining more knowledge.

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