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Monday, 1 August 2016

Course selection in an institutions

This is a fundamental issue for student who want to gain admission into higher institutions like University, Polytechnic and College of Education. This depend totally on what one perceive about himself which can be done through personal self esteem, strength, ability, capability and weaknesses in other to choose the right course of study.You don't just select course without having idea about the course.

Choosing a course is a study on it's own, you need to determine and make research in other to know what d course entails. Most courses have been selected indirectly base on the class you were in secondary school such as Science, Commercial and Art class. You can't expect someone in art class to study medicine or a science student to study accounting in higher institution, it is not done that way.

That is why we have different factors that can affect the selection of the right course of study in higher institutions and they are as follows:

This is a factor that affect student in school, when a parent mandate his child to choose a particular course that he or she doesn't have interest in it.This factor make some student result to be nothing to write home about because they are not studying the course that pertain to their ability and don't even have interest in it, they just do it to satisfy their parent wish. It is a factor that should be put to check in other to correct parental errors.

If one's parent is a Lawyer or Doctor that doesn't mean that the child should follow the trend by studying law or medicine respectively in school. Imposing a course on  a child affect the child physically and psychologically.

This is also known as personality or personal decision, many student select course base on their experience which is wrong or what they are good are capable of doing well which should not be a barrier for course selection.You have to use that quality in you that makes you distinct from another person (known as personality) to choose suitable course for yourself.

In this factor a lot of people are not self determine or independent. Why should you rely on your friends suggestion about a course or will your friend be the one to study the course on your behalf? What about when you are having challenges or difficulties in your course, then you will start blaming your friend for making that suggestion to you. Don't ever choose a course because your friend choose it because your destiny is different from each other. You have to be self-reliance and take the right decision for yourself.

It is not only Universities that we have in higher institution, we also have polytechnics and colleges of education. Most student don't want to attend polytechnics or colleges of Education but who told you that is only in university that u can make in life. Well personal believe ruin one's life sometimes but will have to take charge.We have a lot of amazing and inspiring courses in different higher institutions. There are some higher institution that don't have your desired course but you have to bend or change to alternative course of study which sometimes affect student.

The believe of many student nowadays is that whatever course they select give them the edge to get job instantly without stress after their convocation and not just any anyhow job but the one that will fetch them enough money to care for their needs. This make student to choose courses like law, medicine, accounting, architecture, nursing and the likes but looking down on courses like agriculture, fine art, soil science e.t.c

U need to have a rethink about choosing a course, it is a choice that needs accurate thinking before you make decision on your course of study.

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