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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Factors affecting students study habit in an Institution

Students study habit is the way and manner by which student use varieties of ways in learning, they can learn through group or learn individually so as to increase their academic performance. Study habit is an act by which one uses various skills to learn about reading and writing in school so that they will achieve excellence in their course of study.

There are some factors that affects students study habit in an institution of learning, study habit can positively and negatively affect student in the sense that this factors direct student attitude towards learning. It is the core value of every student to learn so as be become a potential person in life. The factor includes the following:

1. Insufficient study time: Some students do not devote quality time towards their study, all they are after is catching fun with their peers in school and in the process they devote less time towards studying. Students of an institution must ensure they face their primary assignment in schools and take learning as a vital part of their life.

2. Proper standard: Student must ensure that they set a proper standard for their academic excellence in school. They can be motivated by various means in their course of study. A student who aims less can get less performance and any students who aim high can get high performance. Students should check the way they study if it can brings out positive impact or negative impact on their studies.

3. Memorizing: Student must ensure they memorize efficiently what they are studying in school, so that they can excel. Studying habit of student must be put on checks and balance so as not to deviate from the school standards. Memorizing various books and relevant material needed in their course of study will help them on their academic performance.

4. Environment: The school environment is one of the factors that ensure there is right path for the students to follow. A well-equipped facilities and conducive environment will motivate students towards proper and efficient learning. Good library, well organized classrooms, quality equipment will motivate student in studying in an institution without this the student will be negatively affected in their academic performance.

5. Library: A good and conducive library will promote the study habit of students, a library of an institution must be equipped with ultra-modern facilities, quality books, journals, newspapers and magazines. With a good and effective library the student study habit towards learning will increase since they have access to right information.

6. Finance: The study habit of student can also be affected by finance, if a student is not adequately and financially buoyant they may not be motivated to study. Students who can meet up with various needs will ensure he or she face learning and excel in their academic excellence. Parents should make sure they support there wards financially so that they can be encourage to study.

Study habits of students should be checked every time so as to ensure they excel in school. It is the right of every student to use their initiatives and maturity so as to motivate themselves towards learning. Students should take up their responsibility of learning so that they can excel in their academic.

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