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Monday, 1 August 2016

Formal and Informal ways of learning

Many parents prefer their child to go to school than for them to learn some basic work. Going to school can be a lot of stress on parent and students because it involves paying money for tuition fees, traveling from one place to another place in the process of acquiring knowledge, it involves many years of learning and it takes time.

Learning a trade or an occupation could also be burdensome, it entails becoming an apprentice under a boss who is vast in knowledge and has potential skills in imparting knowledge to another person, paying a certain sum of money to the boss, it takes time, it involve the apprentice to be diligent in learning.

In these modern days it is preferable for parent to sends their wards to school such as University, polytechnic or colleges of education since they see learning as the right way for the child. Some of what is learn in school cannot be learn outside the schools walls, since it takes a lot of time. Learning takes place from primary education to secondary and to higher institutions. Knowledge cannot be acquired in a day, it takes a longer period of time.

A master of a trade who have what it takes to ensure that is apprentice knows what is being taught in a workshop. It is mostly practical way of learning and there is less or no educational qualification for learning. It can be learning an occupation such as vehicle repair, building construction works, generator repair, computer engineer and numerous trades which include buying and selling. Since we can earn a living by venturing into various kinds of business without even going to schools why then do we have to go to school to learn?

There are various professions which can be learn in schools and outside the school which are;

1.Fashion design; Many Polytechnic has this professions as a course of study. Any individual who wants to learn how to design cloth, how to use various shapes in sewing cloth will opt in for this course. Learning Fashion design in schools is a formal way of learning since the student will go through practical and theory in the process of learning.

An individual can also decides to learn fashion design informally by learning from a master who is versatile in the knowledge. It mostly practical in learning and less theory because the individual will need to learn a basis. The fashion designer are often called tailor.

2.Mechanical Engineering; In automobile industries learning takes place both formally and informally. An individual who wants to learn how to repair vehicle can apply for admission of various institutions that offers mechanical engineering as a course of study. In learning mechanical engineering in schools the student will go through theoretical and various practical aspects.

Mechanical engineering can also be learn at various mechanic workshops at some strategic places. Learning mechanical engineering informally will require a lot of work for the apprentice since the process of imparting the knowledge could be really slow and requires a high comprehension by the learner.

3.Electrical works: This one of the profession that can be learns in school and outside the school. Electrical Works includes fixing of electrical appliances, fixing breakage in circuit, restoring power to dead fuse, installations of various electrical appliances. Electrical engineer can be learn in an academic institution and also in non-academic institution, an individual who want to offer electrical engineering as a course must have more knowledge in science through senior secondary schools leaving certificate examination, so also if some wishes to learn electrical works it can be learn informally through various people who has vast knowledge in the occupation and are ready to share it to there apprentice.

4.Trade or Business; Nowadays it has been observe that people do not even go to school to learn trade in there course of study because it can be venture into without school certificate. Trade or business can be learn in school through various courses such as business administration, marketing, purchasing and supply. A student of an institution can decide to start up a business venture after studying this will enhance the better performance of the business because of the basis he or she has derives from education. There are also many business owners who have not even been in the four walls of schools and they have a good business. They make a lot of profit from their business without having formal education.

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