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Friday, 5 August 2016

Listening: A characteristics all students must imbibe

Listening is the act by which there is absolute and effective concentration on the speaker and the environment of the study. In listening to lecturers in class, student of an institution must ensure that there mind is fully present, so that they will be able to understand what the lecturer is teaching them. It is a good and objective terms of learning for student to listen attentively and do not deviate mentally and emotionally while in class.

Students should be able to look keenly unto their teachers and lecturers, so as to be able to get the message and information that is passed across to them. Positive steps to ensure student improvement in listening in class:

1. Prepare to Listen: Students needs to be focus and get ready to learn. They should not deviate from getting knowledge, they must prepare to listen to what the lecturers want to impact to them. Students should be physically and mentally prepared for learning this will help their academic performance since they can be able to remember what they learn in class.

2. Ask questions: Since there are some part that you do not understand in learning you need to ask questions on it so as to have a clear picture and understanding about what you are been taught. Listen very well to your instructor and ask a reasonable question about the course or subject that the lecturer is teaching.

3. Take the front sit in class: A students who wants to listen very well in class should take the front row sit, in doing this the student will be able to hear and take correct note. Some student prefers sitting at the back sit and when the lecturers are dictating they may not hear what they were taught. So it is advisable for student to sit close to where they will listen attentively so as to ensure good academic performance.

4. Look keenly at the lecturer: Look closely as how the lecturer uses nonverbal communication in teaching. This will attract your understanding about what the lecturer is teaching you. The various gestures made by the teachers will help the student develop awareness for the lecturer’s mannerism.

5. Note what the instructor emphasizes: Student should take a close look about the particular area that the lecturer emphasizes because they will do well by obtaining adequate information from it, what the lecturer emphasizes will likely come out in the examination. Be conscious and be conversant with the key area the lecturer is good at while lecturing because it is the particular area that defines the competence of the lecturer.

Students should imbibe an effective listening ability so as to make sense out of what the lecturer is saying. Try to create a connection between you and the lecturer so as to have a clear understanding of keyword, phrase and sentence that is used while getting educated.

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