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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Personality trait of various students in an institution

Personality is the attribute, character or lifestyle that is seen or felt in a person's life. It is what is portrayed by an individual. Various students have their own personality trait which can positively or negatively influence their academic performance.

Students need to adapt with various pressures, challenges, situations that is related with the school environment. Since we have different people with different styles student needs to know their colleagues behavior and how it can influence their own character.

If the behavior of one’s friend is not good, it can cause a change in other people behavior and this will have a negative impact on them. So also if a friend behavior is good it can positively influence the behavior of others this will ensures good academic performance and good moral character.

There are different personality trait that is attributed to every students of an institution which includes;

1. Extrovert: A student who possess lousy manner of talking, not shy, who has self-confidence and can face the crowd is referred to as an extrovert. This type of students tends to ask questions in class and has the ability to answer question since they are confident enough. Been an extrovert makes you known by your peers, colleagues, friends, lecturers and other since you are free with people and friendly. 

They are well recognize and has the ability to make the class lively and interactive with their abilities. As a student who has a lousy personality will help the school in public debate since they can use their style to convince people. Extroverts are always finds as an attractive person they relate with people easily and make a lot of friends quickly.

2. Introvert: These personality traits are very common in an institution of learning. Student who are mild, calm, shy, talk less falls into this category. They are mostly the most brilliant students because they do a lot of thinking that runs through their mind and brain. They don't normally talk in class and do not make friends with people easily, they are less known by their colleagues but they dedicate all their knowledge towards learning. 

Students who possess this attribute or characters tends to be afraid of asking question from their teachers or lecturers they only follow what they were taught and seek more knowledge by making research on various study that will facilitate their mode of learning. This set of students also represents their school in writing competition since they have higher level of intelligence that they will use in influencing their performance.

They belong to little or few groups in an institution, they read and study on their own, they limit themselves from talking in the public and they are most time shy. They have a fast ability of adapting to their environment and their present conditions. They mostly hate challenges and do not relate easily with people. A student who has this personality trait has the ability to perform beyond expectations of most people because their colleagues may think they do not know anything since they do not talk in class.

3. Ambivert: There are few or little people who have this personality trait. This set of students has both the introvert and the extrovert personality traits, they have the ability to be quiet in an orderly manner and they can also be lousy at any time situations or conditions demand. Students who possess ambivert personality trait are cool, calm, lousy and can adapt to every situation they meet themselves.

Personality can be influenced by various factors which include:

*Peer group influence
In a situation that students finds him or herself with talkative or lousy friends he or she will also adapt with them. Students can also find themselves in the midst of friendly peers this will help them to interact with one another.

*Environment influence
The student’s environment may also influence their personality trait since they need to adapt with the climate, weather and various conditions that warrants. Students find themselves in various geographical environments when they live their home to study at a far distance. 

There are many factors which can also influence student’s personality trait but in all, students should be able to adapt to their environment so as to get a positive result. They must also study the behavior of their peers so as to know who they can easily relate to so as to ensure a good academic performance.

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