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Friday, 5 August 2016

Reading skill Students needs to learn in school

Reading is the process by which we focus on a particular detail of a book and any written or printed material. Reading can take place anywhere and at anytime since it is part of learning, students need to be versatile and conversant in obtaining more knowledge through reading.

It is a characteristic that must be inculcated by all, so as to ensure that more knowledge is obtained through reading. Students can read various books in school, books which includes textbooks use in their course of study which must be read countinously, so that when a student is confronted with assignment, test or examination he or she will be able to perform excellently.

Students can also read various novels, story books, poems, articles, so that they will be able to be conversant with various societal norms and be able to expand their knowledge in the process of reading. Newspapers, journals and magazines should also be read by students so that they will get adequate information about a country situation.

Students needs to know the various methods of reading so as to reduce unnecessary time been wasted on books and student can stay focused. The following factors ensure accurate reading:

*Have a clear goal
In reading students must have a particular reason why they read. They can read books so as to pass an examination, they can read novels and story books for pleasure, they can also read newspapers and magazines for getting timely information and know more about societal values and culture. In reading students of institutions of learning must have a clear goal and be determinant.

*Make use of the right style
One of the skills or attribute that must be inculcated by students is for them to make use of the right style of reading. Students can seat to read or stand to read and any forms that befits the students should be make use of as long as the reader can assimilate and understand what he or she is reading. There are also some students who needs to read and re-read particular lines of a book before they understand it while there are some who have immediate and accurate understanding of the book they are reading.

*Jotting down meaningful context
In reading there is need for student to pen down some vital points in their books or jotter. This method is effective since the reader will only read short sentences with minimal words and not ambiguous words as it is in the textbook. It also helps in understanding the important part of word and phrase in a book.

*Continuous reading
Students should not be lazy, they must read their books continuously so as to help them assimilate effectively. Reading is not constant, it is a gradual process and involves metal alertness so as to ensure, what is been read is understand by the student. You can also read a part of the books aloud continuously and this will help the students to be conversant with their books.

*Pacing mode
It has been observe that sitting to read is a common attribute of many students, but you can also pace and read aloud so as to ensure that student effectively and quickly assimilate.Whatever forms of style a student use should be convenient so as to ensure optimum knowledge is generated through reading.

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