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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Student lifestyle in an Institution

Student is an integral part of every institutions of learning, we have student from various department and faculties that makes up a member of an institution. Without student their will be no one to teach or lecture by the lecturer and there are various lifestyle of student that may or may not please the management of an institution.

A lifestyle is a general pattern of living of someone, some people lifestyle could be flamboyant some can be mild and calm. Lifestyle is a unique part that differentiate one student from another, it also categorized various students in an institution. Some student live a flamboyant lifestyle even they don't have a rich background, they mostly go to the cafeteria or canteen to buy food that is surplus and cannot be aggregated to their income. They love wearing dress that is costly and they make friends with peers of the same class.

We also have some student who does not dress to inform, they may dress corporately or casually since they do not impress anyone.  Those student who dress politely feel cool and looks gentle although their psychological trait may not give room for their character, they may look gentle in the face and through their mode of dressing but they may have harsh or unpleasant behavior.

There are some certain factors that determine some student lifestyle which includes:

1. Background; A student background which could be family background and cultural background. The family determines student lifestyle in the sense that there are some attribute that is inherited by a child from his or her parent this decides the mode of dressing and mode of living of a child. Some parent dress flamboyantly so it also attracts their child and since the child grew up to know how his or her parents dress, he will inculcate this value and make use of it. Some student lifestyle is also determined by their cultural background, based on unique cultural background student also make use of their cultural heritage in dressing.

2. Peer Group: Peer group influence can also determine a student lifestyle in an Institution of learning. Basically there are various peer groups in an Institution some live a flamboyant lifestyle and some live cool and calm life. Some students are attracted by their peers mode of dressing in which they copy from their colleagues in school. Some can copy their roommate or class mate in dressing, some can see the mode of dressing another students and can decides to make the same appearance by purchasing the type of cloth of other student.

3. Celebrity; Most student also copy some celebrity in terms of their talk, dressing, style of living and extravagance life. We have male student copying hairstyle from some male celebrity in mostly music industry and football spheres. Female student are also not exempt they copy lifestyle of popular people which can influence their lifestyle. It is paramount in an institution of learning for students to attribute their lifestyle to celebrities.

4. School: The school a student attends can also shape his or her lifestyle. Some department in an institution of learning requires their students to dress corporate while attending various classes this can have a negative or positive influence on certain class of individuals. Some student who does not feel alright dressing corporate will have to adjust to it since not adhering to the rules can forfeit a student admission. Some institutions also makes sure that their student dress morally without showing their nakedness by making some certain rules that guides their dressing. Schools also monitors various association that exist within the school and will take all necessary steps to prevent thuggery and hooliganism in an Institution of learning.

5. Association: This can also influence ones personality trait in changing or amending ones lifestyle in an institution. We have various association that have the certain rules and regulation that their members must follow in doing this it can change the lifestyle of a student in interacting with one another, in communicating, mode of dressing and more. Some association will require the members to dress formally in the course of their meeting some may also require them to dress as they fit.

All student has various personality trait that should not be hindered by any factors but most student like to show off in schools. Some students like showing off in extravagant cars, jewelry, cloth, gadgets so as to impress their colleague. It is the choice of every students of an institutions to dress as they deem fit.

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