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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The cost of getting optimum education

Education involves the process by which knowledge is transferred from one person that has already passed through the process and to impart that ability to another who is just passing through the process. Knowledge can be pass to student from lecturers, teachers and various scholars which in return they will be paid for their service by their employer from the money generated from the students.

It has been tasking and costly for people to go to schools to learn, to be educated one has to pass through various stages of learning from beginning till infinity. Infinity in the process that education has no limit, getting more knowledge prompt people not to become stagnant.

Going to schools does not make a student to be educated; student must read, practice and assimilate what has been learn in class. To get knowledge there is always a price to pay and it prompt the question that is education costly? If yes.

Education can be costly in the following ways:

1. Tuition fees: The payment of tuition fees of student by parents or guardian to the management of the school has brings out the assumptions that education is with the dilemma of compulsory payment or the student will forfeit there admission. Some schools collects expensive amount so as to meet up with the cost and also to make profit and in this process the school will have to inflate the tuition fees so as to generate excessive profit thereby inflicting pain on parts of the parent.

2. Purchase of books: While learning it is pertinent to get relevant materials so as to ensure effective learning. In getting books to read so that the students can have more knowledge has prompt some schools teachers or lecturers to inflate the price of books out of their selfish gain, sometimes the school administrators compel the students of an institution to purchase books or else they fail their course of study.

3. Cost of living: The high cost of living in an institution is one of the factors that prompt the question if education is expensive. In  going to school, students will be face with problems of purchasing food, transportation, shelters, and all other basic needs that will help them in gaining knowledge in school but due to inflation all the need may not be met. Some student will struggle to balance there income with their expenses so as to survive in this economic hardship.

4. Miscellaneous: There are various expenses that are not covered in the school payment which the student has to incur in the process of learning. Students will incur many expenses that are not budget for and this could prompt a problem while learning because the students’ expenses could be greater than income.

5. Cost of finance: The cost of financing the education sector by government and the private investors is high due to the facts that education requires a lot of money. The cost of constructing a new school or rehabilitating the old ones is very high so private investors needs a lot of capital to invest in the education sector. So also the government spends lots of money in ensuring that there is a smooth operations in the education sector.

Although based on the factors explained, we can see how costly education can be, but with all education is the key to rule the world. Through education we can get to update our knowledge so as not to be stagnant. All learning needs a sacrifice and after the sacrifice we need to expect a good return so, all hand must be on deck so as to ensure good and better education sphere.

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