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Thursday, 4 August 2016

The effect of examination malpractice on education sector

Examination malpractice is the process or act by which students peek into the content of books or brings in printed materials into the examination hall and make use of it so as to pass a course or subject. Examination malpractice may or may not be supported by teachers and lecturers of a school. The act of examination malpractice is very rampant and most student are guilty of it.

Forms and factors that constitute examination malpractice are the following:

1. Peeking: Most students are guilty of this in the sense that during examination, some students peek into others student answer booklet so as to copy their work. It is a wrong and bad idea for students to be peeking into another person's work.

2. Copying: Some students has imbibe the method of copying from various textbooks that has been brought in the examination hall, some even brings in printed materials to copy from in the process of writing an examination. Students should stop bringing in materials that can implicate them because if the materials is found on them, they will face the wrath of law of the school they are studying from.

3. Phones: Some student are also guilty of this, they bring in their phone into the examination hall so as to search the questions that is given to them on various search engines. Some will also capture some parts of their textbook through their phone camera so that they will use in the examination hall. It is unjust for student to bring in their phone while writing examination. Some schools also prohibit the act of bringing in phones into then examination center.

4. Requesting for answers from their colleagues: Student should take examination as a test of knowledge and it is not a do or die affairs. Students also request or ask their counterpart to answer some questions for them which can be done through orally or by writing it on question papers and answer booklet.

5. Agent: Some student will bring in external people to write an examination on their behalf which those writing the examination can be called agent since they are acting as intermediary for the student. Although it is not a very common process because some school will do a lot of checks or screen examination candidate before coming into the examination hall. A proper means of identification is a necessary materials needed for writing examination, some student can forge the mode of identification so as to allow an agent to write examination on their behalf.

It is a very bad act if all the form of examination malpractice are not put into check by the school authority or various stake holders in the education sector because their negligence will tarnish their accountability, value, qualities and their image. All school must provide a reliable examination process so as to redeem their value.

Their are various negative effects of malpractice which could affects both the student, the school, teachers and it includes the following:

1. Low retention: Students who often get involve in malpractice often tends to have lower level of ability to retain adequate knowledge. They are pessimistic about themselves because they taught they are not better than there peers or mate. They have a very low thinking and their mind and brain is not capable of holding memory.

2. Future problems: Most of the students who get involves in examination malpractice often tends to have problem in the future. Since they did not read or learn anything tangible while in school, when they are face with question from job interview about what is learn in school they will become dumb and won't be able to defend themselves, this will cause a negative impressions about the candidate seeking jobs.

3. Dependent: Students who practice in the act of malpractice while in school will always depends on their mates or peers. They tends to rely on their peers for anything relating to education since they only have result and cannot defend it.

4. Expulsion: Any students caught in the act of malpractice will face the judgement of the school authority and will be expel from the school they are admitted to this will also affect there psychology. They will be expelled from there school and may not be given chance to get admission into such school again.

Examination malpractice is a bad and incorrect attitude or characters that should not be encourage by all stakeholders in the education sector.

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