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Friday, 12 August 2016

The impact of quality education on students

Education is the act of sharing and imparting knowledge with the use of various relevant materials such as books, journals, electronic gadget in teaching students. Education facilitate learning with the appropriate tools that should be used, there must be quality writing materials that will facilitate learning because learning of the right and meaningful content should be encouraged by lecturers, students, stake holders and the school administrator.

The right access to quality education is the basis of understanding and obtaining perfect knowledge, education should not be taken with levity hands. The right quality information should be made available so as to ensure a good academic performance. The quality of education is reflected through academic achievement which is the importance of ways in which students learn in school.

If there is quality education, the potential of students will rise for study this will increase students’ academic performance. It has been observed that many students who gain admission into higher institutions of learning have no good foundation. They lack the right of having access to quality education since there basis of learning is affected, it will also affect them in the higher institutions of learning.

As more students are coming into the higher institution without writing skill ability this will have a negative impact on the study habit of the students. The quality of life and standard academic performance of students of every institution depends on the quality of information they obtained. If they obtain imprecise education it will deter their quality performance in schools also if they obtain quality education it will positively affect their academic performance.

Without a quality education students are not going to be able to comprehend with their studies and they might be tempted to give up on their academic pursuit which is detrimental to national development of a country since the affected students may become problem to the society. It is the right of every individual to get appropriate, efficient and effective education so as to become a better person in life and be able to contribute to their country’s national development.

The following are the positive ways by which quality education affects students:

1. Academic performance: Having the best and optimum education will ensure students do well in their studies. It will boost their morale so as to put all their effort in learning this will ensure a good academic performance.

2. Adequate Knowledge: Students who has access to the right and quality education will be knowledgeable so as to deal with their circumstance and excel in their academic pursuit. Quality education will make them to be independent and take their stand wherever they meet themselves in the future.

3. Competition: Students who have access to right and quality education will be able to compete with their peers in the society. They will be able to speak fluently and courageously in defending themselves after they graduate from school. They tend to be vast in achieving more knowledge.

It is the right of all students to have access to studying in good schools that has a better standard so that they can be the best. The parents should also make sure they send their wards to the best and not the less school so they can enjoy the gain in their child academic performance in future.

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