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Monday, 1 August 2016

Ways in which parents can encourage teachers

Many parents blame the teachers or lecturers for the poor performance of the student. Parent do not see things the way it should be, when the schools sent the report card of a student to the parent, it has been observe that most students who fail or performs woefully in class the parents blame will be on the teachers.

They have impression that the teachers do not teach there wards very well, that they do not teach them with the right equipment such as a good textbooks, modern ways of learning so the parents may be prompt to go to their ward school and accuse the teachers of not performing up to expectations. The parent may even decide to take their wards away from the school to another school, thinking they will perform excellently in another school.

Have parent ever wonder why their ward fails in examination or performs low in getting grade? Parent should stop blaming the teachers for there wards poor performance in school. The parent can check how a child academy performance can be by making sure to following some basic guide, which are:

1. Monitoring the television programs student watch: Parents has to control what a child watch on television, there are various programs that is broadcast on television, which includes sport, entertainment, movies, news, documentary, education and more. Parent should make sure that there ward are not expose to watching movies only, they should encourage them to watch programs which will increase their knowledge and they will be conversant with learning new things.

2. Monitoring child activities: It is the right of every parent to know in details what there child do after school hours, some child will not come home immediately after the school close for the day, they will decide to go to football field to play football or go to a video game center to play games with their colleagues and in the process the student will come home late and will not be able to revise what he or she has learn for that day, some will not do the assignment given to them in class they will wait for the next day, so that they can copy from someone who has done it.

It is the parent duty to check there wards note, ask if they were given assignment, ask about their activities in schools in doing this the child will be able to adjust to the right term and focus on learning. The teachers also are to make sure that all assignment given are marked so that they will be able to know those students who have not done their assignment.

3. Parent teachers Association meeting: There should be a meeting between the parent and teachers of schools more often so that there will be various discussions between the parent, teachers and the school administrators. Meetings between the teachers and the parent will help the parent know some activities of some student within and outside school, the teacher will be able to explain vividly what some students do and how to encourage the parent in making sure to check their ward in school.

The parent will also be able to speak out there minds about the last or current academic report of their child and how there will be improvement on it by the teachers. The Association meeting will also help the parent to tell the school administrators about the school buildings, school environment, school modern equipment, if it is standard enough and how their will be improvement on it so as to ensure safety environment and to facilitate learning.

4. Checking there wards in school; It is the duty of parent to go to the child school so as to check if the child who leave home for school is actually in school and to also inquire from the about the child's performance in class by the teacher. Many parents do not have time in knowing the activities of there ward in school, since all they are after is making money.

5. Encourage the teachers; Do not bring in value system when your ward performs low, you need to encourage the work of the teachers since they are not God they are also human being they are bound to make mistakes. There should be some monetary either in cash or in kind not referring to the extent of bribing the teachers but to show a way of appreciation for the teachers in taking care of their wards in school this will motivate the teacher to perform better.

Parent should stop lambasting the teachers, it is the responsibilities of the parent also to monitor their child so that the child will be able to learn and become a better person in life.

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