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Monday, 12 September 2016

Against all odds: These Men Without Legs Keep Growing Stronger. Photos

 These two physically challenged have been hailed online for encouraging each other despite their condition. 11-year-old Gao Zhiyu lost both his legs in a car accident in 2012, but his ambition to live his life has not be hindered despite the accident. He admires 33-year-old Chen Zhou, who shares a similar story.

Chen, now a singer and a public speaker, lost his legs when he was 13. But he still traveled to over 700 cities across China and climbed more than 100 mountains including the renowned Mount Tai and Huangshan Mountain.
Hearing about Gao's story, Chen invited him to climb the Laoshan Mountain in Gao's hometown of Qingdao City.

It was Gao's first attempt to climb the mountain and he reached the 900-meter peak with Chen.

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