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Friday, 30 September 2016

Airport Officer Caught Stealing From Passengers' Luggage. Photos

 This is the shocking moment a police officer is captured on camera stealing from passengers' suitcases at an airport in Tobago. Brian Stephens was seen searching for high-value items in suitcases in the baggage room, leading a sniffer dog around to try and disguise his theft as a police duty.
He was caught in the act in an investigation launched after numerous European passengers reported items including cameras and clothing had gone missing when they arrived at London Gatwick.
The officer pleaded guilty to three counts of mis-behaviour in public office, but he was spared jail and instead issued with a $150,000 fine (£17,0000).

Stephens will be forced to pay $50,000 immediately and monthly instalments of $5,000 until the sum is paid off.

If he does not pay off the fine, he will then be sent to prison, the judge told him at the hearing in the Port of Spain High Court.

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