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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Kogi State Polytechnic Student Aborts 6 Months Old Pregnancy In Hostel (Graphic Pic)

Pandemonium in kogi state polytechnic this morming as a student (name withheld) allegedly aborted a six month old baby, the student who resides on campus woke to meet this omen as a premature baby was found behind one of their female hostel called hostel D.

Read According to the source:

''The student gathered in scores to witness and gander on the occurrence, the hostel representative was called on to witness too, as soon as she got to the arena she tried sending the student back to their various domitaries, she did this for a while and all came to deaf ears as the student chanted in loud voices "we want to know the person that did this" the hostel rep came up with a suggestion by burying the deceased embroyo so as to reduce the crowd at the scene, minutes later the school securities came to the scene and see for them-self'''

''When the school securities saw that the case is becoming out of hand they alerted the police and when they came they asked for the baby and they told the police that the hostel representative as buried it, they were shocked to ear that so immediately they got her arrested and took her to the police station for alleged murder, antecedent around 5am today a lady that stays in the hostel saw an unknown lady bending down as if she was excreting in a polythene nylon (as usual) when she apprehended her with her torch lamp''

''she then told the lady bending down that "if u finish shiting for that place u bet park ur poo" so the lady said she will as soon as she is done, unknowing that she is excreting a baby, the lady that apprehended the culprit could identify her if she Sees her, but since morning the lady as not been seen''.

''Up till now the hostel rep and the lady that apprehended the culprits are still at the police custody''

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